Marian Catholic School shares their worms with Southwell!

Students from Marian Catholic school visited Southwell School bearing gifts…..of worms!

Marian Catholic School in Hamilton has been an Enviroschool for many years and has an established ‘worm farm’ with several bath tubs in use. These are managed by the Envirogroup with the  support of Greg Jordan – the school caretaker. Careful management of the worm farms help the school work towards its waste minimisation goals.

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Southwell School has been looking into reducing the waste it produces and have been exploring the Zero Waste theme area. A senior school assembly and a waste audit has helped to raise awareness of what people could do.  The waste audit showed a high proportion of food waste was being thrown out. The Envirogroup put their heads together to come up with a solution. After research and planning they decided a worm farm was a good option. Enviroschools Facilitator, Alex Daniel connected the two schools together and arranged the gifting of the worms for the Southwell School worm farm.  Everyone was very happy with the result – including the worms!

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