Key Concepts and Questions

These key concepts and questions are designed to challenge thinking about the big idea – ‘creating catalysts for change‘.

We need Earth, but Earth doesn’t need us. Earth is a closed system and everything is connected.  All living things have specific needs. Everything we do has an impact on something else. What are our needs? Why should we care?

Continuity and change Through understanding past events and experiences, we can imagine possible futures. Why is change important? What changes can we make? How do we decide what changes to make? What influences our decisions?

Empowering students to empower others People can participate as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens. Engaging young people in decision making and action empowers them to be active environmental and social citizens. Through sharing their messages and stories with others they can start to effect change for a sustainable world. How can we be catalysts for change?

Partnerships with others As individuals we can make small differences in our own lives and those immediately around us, but to effect larger change we need to work collectively with others. There are many ways we can participate, contribute and have an influence on society. How can we collaborate with others to make change?

Sharing our messages Action is good, but action with an audience is better. Positive experiences are important ways to motivate and inspire others. How can we influence others? How can we share our story with others?

Courage If we believe a better world is possible, we must be prepared to explore alternatives, take risks, make mistakes, work with others and do things differently. What can we learn from others? What can we learn from ours’ and others’ mistakes?

How do we know we are making a difference? The ‘best’ action may not have the most dramatic effect physically, but the most dramatic effect socially. How can we record and measure change?

Connect with the magnificence of nature We acknowledge that becoming critically conscious can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed with the state of the world. Create spaces to explore these emotions and opportunities to reconnect with the magnificence of nature.