Fruit trees available for schools

The Avis Leeson Trust have more than 1,000 fruit trees to give away this year thanks to the generosity of Andy and Sandi McGrath of McGrath Nurseries.

This year there will be lots of apples and pears with the possibility of limited numbers of peaches and nectarines. If you have keen students who would like to establish and look after a few fruit trees or would like to start an orchard then we want to hear from you. The trees will be ready for pick up at Rhode Street School in early August 2017. Exact date will be emailed out as soon as we know.

We want to hear how your students will be involved in the planting and care of these trees and preferably hear from the students themselves. If you would like to find out more or your students are keen please contact Alastair Kerr at Rhode Street School, 021968762 or

A school orchard or food forest is a gift that keeps on giving. It needs good planning and attention and can be a wonderful learning resource for your whole school community. Talk to your Enviroschools Facilitator about creating a Sustainable Community through Kai and how you can empower your students through this.

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