Up coming events, opportunities and inspiring ideas

There is a flurry of events, opportunities and inspiring ideas that have crossed our desks in the past week, so rather than create seperate posts for each, they have been combined for you here:

  1. 2016 Waikato Enviroschools Children’s Event – Week 8 and 9 Term 3. Download the flyer for dates and locations here and get in touch with your facilitator to register.
  2. Inspiring videos and hooks – a new series of pages have been created on our blog based around the Enviroschools theme areas.  There are thousands of these on the internet, but these are some we love. This is a work in progress, so if you something you would like to share, please get in touch.
  3. Create a Class of Habitat Heroes
    Support Conservation Week (10-18 September) and encourage your students to be Habitat Heroes. Getting involved is easy – explore a local environment and get your students to identify an opportunity to take action.How to take part –
    1. Get outside – explore and investigate the health of a local natural environment.
    2. Share a summary of your work with your local community via any online channels (school blog, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Students need to share:
    3. Their learning and experiences outdoors, in particular, their observations regarding the health of their local environment.
    4. Ideas and an intended action they could take to improve the health of a local environment.
    5. Email your entry to us at conservED@doc.govt.nz. This could be a weblink to your blog, videos, photos, a PowerPoint presentation, or a PDF document of your writing or artwork.
    Four lucky groups will win $750 to help bring their conservation action plan to life.
    If you do this, this could be something that you could share at the Waikato Enviroschools Children’s event.

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