Learn how to create a butterfly garden

Butterflies create a sense of awe and wonder in all ages . . . but how much do we really know about these amazing pollinators and what they need to survive and thrive? We all know about monarchs and swan plants, but that’s only small part of the equation.


The Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust (MBNZT) has developed an excellent on-line course to help anyone interested in learning more about butterflies that can be encouraged into New Zealand gardens – monarchs, red admirals, yellow admirals, coppers and blues. It’s a comprehensive course that will build your knowledge about all things butterflies, from how they see, smell and taste, to how to design a garden that will support them. The content has been created by experts and will support anyone on a journey to develop their own living ecosystem for butterflies whether at home or at school with your class. It will inspire teachers to think about new ways of engaging students in science and taking action at school.

For $50, five weeks information about creating a butterfly garden/habitat is made available on-line. The content is well written, easy to follow and packed with beautiful photos to inspire you. At the end of each week a test is completed, and the five tests are mailed in to the MBNZT at the end of the course. Discussion takes place in the forum on our website.

The course starts on the 1st of each month: Those who complete the five tests successfully receive a certificate if the tests are received by the 14th of the following month. Certificates will be mailed out a few weeks later.

It is not in the least onerous, just interesting, practical and leaving you wanting to get out in the garden – whether it’s a home or at school!

– See more at: http://www.monarch.org.nz/monarch/projects/certified-butterfly-gardenhabitats/butterfly-gardening-course/#sthash.aevmd1QE.dpuf

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