Global Issues Local Realities – building momentum

Over 100 primary students from schools from all over the Waikato took part in our Children’s Workshop at Waikato Museum on Wednesday 5th of August. Students took part in workshops that saw them learn the art of story telling through poetry, drama and dance; experience the magic of muka and the process of weaving harakeke with local expert Tangiwai Christie; explore the plight of the New Zealand wrybill and other migratory shorebirds; and also investigate examples of people around New Zealand developing their own sustainable businesses.

The purpose of the day was to build student and teacher knowledge of global issues and local realities and build momentum for Waikato Enviroschools Global Village event at Mystery Creek on November 12.

See Global Issues Local Realities event for more information

Learning the magic of muka with Tangiwai Christie

Learning the magic of muka with Tangiwai Christie

Input into the Global Village event – 12 November:
We want teacher and student input, to help co-construct a fun, purposeful and educational event for your students and wider  community. We also want to make it as easy as possible for your school to attend and participate. If you have an ideas or any further questions about the student presentations please get in touch with your facilitator.

1 thought on “Global Issues Local Realities – building momentum

  1. I am so excited to see such great learning and action! I am looking forward to seeing it all come together tomorrow at Mystery Creek – Arohanui my friends


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