Greta Thunberg and the School Strike for Climate movement

Whether or not your students are taking part in the School Strike for Climate on March the 15th.  This is a great opportunity to explore the reasons for the strike and look at the young girl, Greta Thurnberg who has started this global movement.

Greta, as an introverted and autistic 15 year old was so frustrated with the lack of action in her country, she felt needed to do something to get people to listen. Inspired by Rosa Parks, she knew that one person could make a difference.

How Greta Thunberg’s Lone Strike Against Climate Change Became a Global Movement, Rolling Stone Magazine 

Greta Thunberg: I’ve been the invisible girl all my life, The Financial Times.

Exploring Climate Change with your students:

The Science learning Hub has some fabulous resources for learning about climate change and climate action.  These planning and learning resources will help you go deeper with your students, and teach the nature of science and the participating and contributing strands.

Climate Change Resources – planning pathways

Climate Action resources

Enviroschools Resources to help you explore and debate climate change:

How the Theme Areas Address Global Issues (fold out in front of main kit)

Pool of Knowledge, p37

Social Profile, p132

Various Values p136

What if Questions, p181 (Come up with some new scenarios)

Use the templates in the Action section to plan meaningful actions.

Look at the Global Issues, Local Realities resource we produced in 2015.

If you have good climate change resources, please feel free to share them with your facilitator or the contact on this page and we can add them here!

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