FREE Interactive science workshops 8th of May and 12 May

FREE Interactive science workshops at Fairfield College, Hamilton

The Fairfield Project and Science Learning Hub welcome primary teachers to attend their free, interactive science workshops.

These are designed specifically to support the Primary Science Week theme – Eco warriors.

Each workshop will have a slightly different focus – and you are welcome to attend either one or both. In both workshops you will:

■make specific connections to learning across the curriculum

■share useful resources

■explore how learning can be connected to the local environment

WORKSHOP 1: Exploring the World Around Us

Tuesday May 8 3.30-5pm; Venue: Fairfield College Library, Hamilton

In this hands-on workshop we will model simple and engaging activities that foster a range of science skills. We will focus on building curiosity through observation and interaction with the environment using a contextual, integrated approach

WORKSHOP 2: Hands-on in our backyard

Saturday May 12 9.30-12pm; Venue: Fairfield College Library, Hamilton

This workshop will introduce a range of practical ecology-based activities using everyday materials. The activities will be easily transferable to your own setting and will focus on building students science capabilities. We will model an integrated style of teaching and learning, fostering a student-centred approach.

Please register your interest by providing your name, school, contact details and indicate which workshop you wish to attend to our enquiries email–


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