Looking down the drains turns into school production

By Sarah Menzies, Room 9
Woodstock Primary’s Year 1 and 2 students have turned their questions about litter into a colourful and powerful school production. The Rimu Syndicate Production of Little Ika simply started with a walk around the school grounds in search of rubbish. It didn’t take long before a large amount of rubbish was found in the drains of B Block which the children knew was a serious problem. Following an inquiry into where this litter could end up, the children shocked to learn the possible consequences of rubbish they had innocently poked into the grills of stormwater drains.  It was from that moment that teachers and students all knew they had an important message to share with their school and what better way to do this than to perform a school production.

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The Rimu Syndicate Production told the story of Little Ika, a classroom fish who wondered what life would be like outside his tank. With a vision in mind he launched himself out of his tank in the hope of making it to the beautiful ocean. Instead, he found himself amongst waterways full of rubbish and other unnecessary waste. Little Ika met many friends along his journey and soon learnt many worthwhile messages he was then able to share directly with the audience.

This production was a truly wonderful experience. It not only allowed the children to be immersed within the Arts but to share a very important message and a real life problem at Woodstock School. The children of Rimu Syndicate learnt that art can tell a story and how powerful it can be when doing so. It was no question that the Rimu Syndicate Production of Little Ika was a rich learning experience for everyone involved and it left many asking questions about what they could do to help and where to next which is exactly what the teachers hoped to achieve.

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