Zero Waste is possible!

It’s been an inspiring week seeing change agents all over the world working to make their part of the world better! It started with a Waste Audit at a Hamilton School.  It’s been about 6 years since their last audit and they have good recycling and organic waste systems in place, so a lot of rubbish is already diverted from landfill.  We worked with the Envirogroup and sorted a total of 25 kg of waste that been collected over 5 days.  That’s an average of 5 kgs of waste from a school of about 600 students. The students are going to be analysing the results and looking at what further reductions they can make – there will be more on the blog about this soon!

Many schools are focusing on Zero Waste at the moment – it’s a rich theme area with lots of learning and practical action that can be integrated across the curriculum.  Here are some resources to help you go deeper:

Plastic Free July is coming up so you may like to use this as a challenge for your school or class. While it includes 2 weeks of Term 2 holidays, use some of its ideas to plan something for the first two weeks of Term 3, and use the resources to challenge yourself and your class.

Plastic Free Tuesday is another global movement to get people thinking about our obsession with plastic and a good way for your to challenge your school

Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home lays down the gauntlet and challenges us not to recycle, but to reduce your packaging and really re-think where your products come from and what happens to them.

Finally just in the news, Versova Beach in Mumbai, declared one of the world’s dirtiest beaches is finally clean after citizens have worked together to remove 5 million kilos of rubbish from it’s shore!

Other resources on this site:

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