Support the ban of single-use plastic bags


Great Blue Heron swallow fish in plastic bag. Photo: Andrea Westmoreland

Dunedin Enviroschool, Carisbrook Primary have launched a petition to parliament to ban the single-use plastic shopping bag. On their behalf we are asking for the support of all NZ Enviroschools to get as many signatures as possible to show the NZ Government that the people of NZ want this change.

The petition needs to be  to signed by people over 18 yrs old and be returned to Carisbrook School by the first week of March 2017 petition-template.

Also attached some information for teachers and students on how to go about collecting signatures,  a one page information sheet on the plastic bag issue information-about-the-petition-to-the-house-of-representatives-to-ban-the-single

Watch a recent news article on Dunedin TV:

Dunedin Enviroschools (not just Carisbrook) are collecting signatures at their school fairs, going to their local shopping centres/dairy to collect signatures, visiting the local Farmers Market each week and other events/opportunities that arise.

Please share this information with your school community. You might like to work with your Envirogroup to work out a plan to collect as many signatures in your community as possible, this year, over the summer and/or early in 2017.

This is a great opportunity for the Enviroschools network nationwide to pull together and really push to make systematic change in our country. Please feel free to contact the Enviroschools facilitator who is working with Carisbrook – . She can answer any questions you have and set up Skype calls with the students themselves if other Enviroschools students want to touch base with Carisbrook students directly.

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