Fonterra Grassroots fund – closes August 31st

The Fonterra Grassroots fund closes on August 31st and a good source of funding for environmental and community projects for schools.  Past sponsorship has funded composting bins and recycling facilities for local schools, seedlings for riparian planting programme and equipment for emergency response services.

The fund opens doors for a wide range of community projects with grants of between $500 and $5000. To be considered for support, your initiative or activity must fit within the categories and criteria outlined below.

1. Bringing Communities Together
2. Caring for our environment
3. Making our Communities Safer

See Fonterra Grassroots fund for more information

Also check  for other possible funding sources for Waikato Enviroschools.  If you know of possible funders that are not part of this list please get in touch and we can add a link.

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