Action Learning Cycle in action at Netherton Primary

At our recent teacher workshop at Netherton Primary, Principal Tracey Adams gave a presentation on how they use the Action Learning Cycle, in the class room with students to plan and carry out student-led projects, and how they are now using it for their staff meetings, discussions and appraisals. She describes it as the ‘best review cycle’ she has seen, and likes the way is so clear and simple, following a simple and effective inquiry model that requires action

View Tracey’s presentation here.

The Action Learning Cycle (ALC) is the main Enviroschools tool used to help plan and carry out student-led projects. It’s an inquiry model that enables young people to be empowered to investigate, explore ideas, make decisions, take action and reflect on the changes they have created.

The ALC cycle begins by ‘Identifying the Current Situation’…. immersing students in the subject and possibilities – this gives a rich background from which they can then ‘Explore Alternatives’, then plan, design and ‘Take Action’. The ‘Reflection’ that follows raises new ideas and consolidates learning.

The Enviroschools theme areas, Me in My Environment, Zero Waste, Healthy Water, Living Landscapes and Ecological Buildings are designed with ‘Identifying the Current Situation‘ in mind.  Activities are offered that help students build up a picture of the current situation before moving into the next stages of the Action Learning Cycle.

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